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120 Creative is a boutique social media management agency that is American-based, Immigrant-Owned, and Operated by a gal named, Sam. 

120 Creative helps small businesses reach their potential by honing in on their marketing strategy, creating top-quality content, creating campaign calendars for social media platforms, targeting their specific audiences, all while aligning with and maintaining the brand's integrity. 

Sam blended her 10+ years of experiences as an actor, stuntwoman, and event producer and so 120 Creative was born. With a large passion for small businesses, she believes in great service, efficiency, and personal touch. A dog mom, connoisseur of hot sauce and dark chocolate, she also enjoys spending time with her pup Rowdy.

The best part about working with 120 Creative?

No miscommunication.

No missed beats.

No middle man. 

At Your Service!


/services are  b e s p o k e.



Every human is different.
As is every brand.
We will further develop your unique brand's existing persona so that your company's values and mission can be communicated effectively online. In a nutshell, making sure your website, content, and messaging all align.  
(Emojis are optional)


Content is King!
We will gather your content and create a seamless system for uploading onto a mapped-out calendar.  Don't have existing high-quality photos and videos? No worries! We offer photography & videography services from compelling photos to cinematic videos, we've got you covered.
(And have we got a playlist for everything!)


Thumbs are powerful.
A swipe, click, or double-tap can change a whole lot. 
We effectively target your brand's specific audience and distribute your new content onto social media platforms to heighten online presence, engagement, and you guessed it - ultimately increase that ROI.


These three words again, amirite? 
But what do they actually mean?
We will test various campaigns that target your specific customers and that will, in turn, drive engagement. Once we revisit your metrics, we will redefine what works, and develop a maintenance plan moving forward. 
(We'll take care of it all!)



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